Sprint training: Sprinting with resistance

During the game sports there is a lot of sprinting with competitions. With explosiveness training or sprint training, a lot of profit can be achieved.

Football players run 12 kilometers in 90 minutes, of which 200 sprints (2). Hockey players run approximately 20 kilometers (3) in 70 minutes with an average sprint distance of 14-16 meters (4). In gymnastics, many parts start with a sprint and then convert this speed into height for a jump (7)(8). Where in athletics, the sprint is a normal competition part with 100, 200 and 400 meters sprint(7).

Because sprinting is an important part of many sports, it seems useful to look at how we can improve this. This can be done through sprint training with resistance, strength training, core training and technique training.

Sprint training with sprint elastic
Sprint training with sprint elastic

What does science say?

In this blog we are going to talk about sprinting with resistance. Moya-Ramon (2020) did research on 20 young tennis players (16-17 yrs). The players were divided into 2 groups, the sprinting with resistance group and the conventional group. The groups were extensively tested:

  • 5-10-20 meter sprint test
  • Modified 5-0-5 Agility Test
  • Vertical jump test
  • Long jump test from position
  • Repeated jumping ability shutle test

The groups both followed the same sprint program:

  • Sprint forward
  • Backwards
  • Multidirectional sprints

With 25s of rest between repetitions and 2-3 minutes of rest between sets.


The result of the study shows that the sprint training itself gave physical improvement in the tennis players. In addition, it shows that sprinting with resistance has a slightly better effect on the 5m sprint and horizontal jump. This suggests that if you want to improve your short-term acceleration, you should train with extra resistance through a resistance band.

Sprint trainer pro exercises

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Sprinting with resistance:


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