Train to Improve,

From our own passion to continuously improve yourself and the curiosity for new developments in the field of sports and fitness, we started Performance Training.
With Performance Trainers we would like to share our acquired knowledge and experiences with you, so that you can achieve your goal! 

To improve your performance, you have to train to want to improve.

From getting fitter to getting the most out of your sports ability. Everything starts with your why!

Start with Why by Simon Sinek is a great way to make your path to improvement visible. (Link- Golden Circle Theory)
It starts with your goal (WHY), from that you make a game plan (HOW) and perform this task (WHAT). 

You determine your goal (Improve your Game), we help you in making a game plan. You carry out your training sessions with the help of the videos, schedules and materials from the webshop. This ensures that you get results and improve yourself.  

 “Start to Improve your Game”


Welcome to Performance Trainers