Many athletes want to improve their speed and explosiveness. Sprint training and strength training are some methods that can contribute to this. In this blog you will find some recent studies explained and how you can get started.

Sprint training with resistance

Sprint training by sprinting with resistance:

Sprinting with resistance is a good way to improve your sprint. Research among 20 young tennis players shows that short sprints and jumping power improve when sprinting with resistance. A weight vest or resistance band was used for this (Moya-Ramon et al J Hum Kin 2020). After training for 6 weeks of short sprints of 3-4 meters and after that had an improvement. Training with resistance bands or sprint trainer can effectively contribute to your sprint training.



sprint training
Sprint training on a different surface

Sprint training on different surfaces:

Can the surface you sprint on be of added value for your performance? Apparently yes, research shows that sprint training 2-3x a week for 4-8 weeks in the sand can have a positive effect on your sprint and jumping power (Pereira et al 2021). Before everyone starts building a sandbox. In addition to resistance training (strength training), sprint training on a hard surface also improves the ability to sprint and jump.



Improve your sprint training through strength training?

Strength training is a common way to get stronger and improve your ability to sprint. But what exactly should you do? Research (Pandy et al 2021) shows that the calves and hamstrings have to provide a lot of power during sprinting. So it seems wise to train them properly. In addition, the glutes play an important role, larger glutes and other hip extensors provide a more powerful push-off and therefore a greater sprint ability (Miller et al 2020). You can train your hamstrings well with, for example, a glutebridge and make it even more challenging with the aqua trainer.

Strength training for sprinting
Strength training for sprinting
hamstring training
Training hamstrings for speed










How do you best fill in your sprint training?

For your sprint training, here are some exercises that will help with this.

Train your calves:

During the soleus with the aquatrainer from the archer's position, you mainly train the thigh and hip muscles. By using the aqua trainer we also train trunk stability and arm strength.

Attention points for this exercise:
– Maak een grote stap naar voren en zak met achterste knie tot net boven de grond
– Til de hak van je voorste voet zo hoog mogelijk op
– Houdt de rug recht (trek vooral niet hol)

Train your hamstrings:

During the Single leg bridge with chest press explosive with aqua trainer you mainly train the thigh, hip muscles, chest and shoulder. By using the aquatrainer pro we also train trunk stability.

Attention points for this exercise:
– Ga op je rug liggen pak met beide handen de aquatrainer vast en houdt deze op je borst. Doe de pro band short around your knees.
– Til 1 been gestrekt op en houdt je knieën op dezelfde hoogte.
– Til explosief de billen op van de mat en strek tegelijk de aquatrainer naar boven uit.
– Houdt de romp stabiel
– Laat daarna de billen en aquatrainer zakken

Sprinting with resistance:

During the Squat jump sprint + sprint trainer pro you mainly train leg muscles. By using the sprint trainer do you have extra resistance?

Attention points for this exercise:
– Ga staan op 2 benen staan met sprint trainer band om de heupen
– Spring op 1 benen zo hoog mogelijk
– Probeer zo zacht mogelijk te landen door goed door je knie te zakken en op de voorvoeten te blijven
– Sprint na je landing gelijk naar voren zo snel mogelijk weg